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Client Stories

Change Today to Win Tomorrow

Strategic Intent

A multi-family residential real estate company aimed to double their assets in the next five years, but the owners knew neither the current structure nor operations of their business could absorb the amount of growth they desired. We set out to create a strategy to exceed investor expectations while maintaining a family-feel culture that is the foundation of their success.


Organizational Design & Talent

A decade of rapid growth opened up the door to bring on new talent at the management level, but without clear roles and responsibilities, confusion and lack of alignment began to distract from real work. Additionally, the broader management team, many of whom are remote, needed to engage with owners and each other in running the business on a more regular basis. Revised job descriptions and decision rights were implemented, a leadership model with personal development plans was launched, and regular management interactions were established. The result was a more collaborative management team working together to achieve business goals and build a performance culture.

Processes & Systems

While the organization excelled at their core competency of finding and negotiating land deals, gaps in existing business systems and processes were adversely impacting workflow efficiency and driving up operating costs. The development of current state process maps highlighted bottlenecks and immediate opportunities to streamline key business processes like accounts payable. A full technology assessment identified new systems needed to make the changes permanent, significantly improving operations and providing better performance management.

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