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Embrace Paradox
Defy Inertia

BlüShift Strategy is a management consulting firm that empowers leaders to embrace paradox and defy inertia to achieve profitable growth.

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Our Philosophy

The And-Both Mindset

We enlighten leaders with the power of quantum thinking to strategize for the present and future simultaneously.

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What We Offer

Introductory Packages

In addition to our in-depth consulting services, there are four introductory packages to jumpstart our clients’ journeys toward profitable growth.

Break the Bottleneck

Over the course of 1-3 weeks, we will bring structure and discipline to one of your critical value-creation processes. After gathering information internally through a series of stakeholder surveys and collaborative work sessions, we will deliver a detailed process map which outlines: the current state, decision points, risk factors, and improvement opportunities.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Through a series of questionnaires, work sessions, and external research gathered over 3-6 weeks, we will create an in-depth report of the market to satiate your curiosity about current trends and opportunities. The 5-10 page report will synthesize the research and insights gleaned solely from external research, allowing us to develop and validate market hypotheses, as well as to evaluate the market for new prospects.

Get on the Same Page

Over the course of 3+ weeks, we will achieve alignment on an identified topic, such as growth opportunities or current business challenges. Prior to our Blüshift-facilitated, full day work session, we will individually interview each of the attendees to synthesize and present our findings and provide a detailed write up of key takeaways and improvement opportunities.

Execute Your Pre-Flight Checklist

In order to determine your company’s current potential for growth, we will review your stakeholders responses to our detailed survey against industry benchmarks, including: current strategy, stakeholder alignment, organizational gaps, growth targets, financial performance, etc.

Client Stories

Change Today to Win Tomorrow


A family-owned residential real estate company wanted to double its assets, but inertia within the business was preventing it from achieving its growth goals.

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Navigating New Market Realities


A professional services firm that faced massive changes in its industry sought to develop a plan to stabilize current operations and achieve double-digit growth over the next five years.

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Achieve Growth at a Rapid Frequency

A single, clear path to success does not exist, and as an executive, each pivot point presents infinite possibilities for moving forward.

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