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Our Approach

What We Do

BlüShift helps organizations navigate complexity and address change holistically.

There are multiple paths to achieving profitable growth. To help you define which one is right for you and your organization, we take a comprehensive yet tailored approach to each client situation. From the beginning of our relationship, we help identify the critical functions to your business and craft tailored work streams to address each uniquely. And, because you can’t determine your destination without knowing your starting point, we conduct our work across three distinct phases – Discover, Design, and Deploy.

Market Strategy

Blüshift works with the top management of large and mid-size companies to clearly define business goals, identify marketplace challenges, and develop & implement competitive strategies.

Operational Excellence

Blüshift’s extensive experience in operations enables us to quickly develop and implement practical improvement solutions that optimize performance across people, processes and systems within organizations.

Organizational Effectiveness

Leveraging decades of large-scale transformation experience, we work with clients to design optimal organizational structures, including clear roles and accountability, to enable the implementation of strategic initiatives and to drive continuous improvement.

Leadership Development

Effective leadership at all levels of an organization is critical to the success of any business strategy. The BlüShift team is uniquely qualified to provide coaching and leadership development for individuals and teams to equip them with the skills needed to perform at their highest levels.

Performance Management

Blüshift takes a comprehensive and deeply analytical approach to understanding the financial capacity of an organization to ensure long term viability. We identify and monitor the relevant metrics across the organization and establish the processes to manage performance over time.

How We Do It

BlüShift’s three leveled approach helps organizations chart the path forward.

01 Discover

Solidify your strategic aspirations

We work with you to solidify your strategic aspirations and get buy-in from your leadership team. Through an assessment of the critical functions of your business across multiple work streams, you will learn the strengths you can exploit as well as the gaps that need filled to set the foundation for growth. At the end of this phase, you will have a quantifiable strategic goal, an understanding of your organization’s readiness to pursue that goal, and insights you can operationalize immediately.

02 Design

Develop a comprehensive growth plan

Growth always requires change. Building on what we learn in the Discover phase, we work with key stakeholders to design the future state of the business in support of the strategic growth goals. At the end of this phase, you will have a comprehensive growth plan complete with specific initiatives prioritized by urgency and impact.

03 Deploy

Ensure successful implementation

Once the growth plan is complete, we work with you and your team to deploy changes across your organization. Leveraging proven change management techniques, we ensure the change “sticks,” and that your organization is moving towards the same goal. Performance management tools are put into place to measure progress against goals.

What We Offer

Introductory Packages

In addition to our in-depth consulting services, we’ve developed four introductory packages to jumpstart our clients’ journeys toward profitable growth.

Break the Bottleneck

Over the course of 1-3 weeks, we will bring structure and discipline to one of your critical value-creation processes. After gathering information internally through a series of stakeholder surveys and collaborative work sessions, we will deliver a detailed process map which outlines: the current state, decision points, risk factors, and improvement opportunities

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Through a series of questionnaires, work sessions, and external research gathered over 3-6 weeks, we will create an in-depth report of the market to satiate your curiosity about current trends and opportunities. The 5-10 page report will synthesize the research and insights gleaned solely from external research, allowing us to develop and validate market hypotheses, as well as to evaluate the market for new prospects.

Get on the Same Page

Over the course of 3+ weeks, we will achieve alignment on an identified topic, such as growth opportunities or current business challenges. Prior to our Blüshift-facilitated, full day work session, we will individually interview each of the attendees to synthesize and present our findings and provide a detailed write up of key takeaways and improvement opportunities.

Execute Your Pre-Flight Checklist

In order to determine your company’s current potential for growth, we will review your stakeholders responses to our detailed survey against industry benchmarks, including: current strategy, stakeholder alignment, organizational gaps, growth targets, financial performance, etc.

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Achieve Growth at a Rapid Frequency

A single, clear path to success does not exist, and as an executive, each pivot point presents infinite possibilities for moving forward.

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