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Client Stories

Navigating New Market Realities

Strategic Intent

A professional services firm that faced massive changes in its industry sought to develop a plan to stabilize current operations and achieve double-digit growth over the next five years.


Our Work

Although the organization excelled at finding and negotiating land deals, gaps in existing business systems and processes hindered workflow efficiency and inflated operating costs. Through the development of current-state process maps, we identified bottlenecks and immediate opportunities to streamline key business processes such as accounts payable. A comprehensive technology assessment pinpointed the need for new systems to sustain these improvements, resulting in significantly enhanced operations and performance management.

Sales Strategy

BlüShift Strategy worked closely with the owners and management team to go from an ”ad hoc” management approach that had worked for years into a more structured and intentional framework.  Revised job descriptions and decision rights were implemented, a leadership model with personal development plans was launched, and regular management interactions were established. The result was a more collaborative management team working together to achieve business goals and build a performance culture.  As a result of our work with them, they have expanded into multiple new markets across the US positioning them for continued success.


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Achieve Growth at Unprecedented Orders of Magnitude

A single, clear path to success does not exist, and as an executive, each pivot point presents infinite possibilities for moving forward.

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