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Neeko Crider

Neeko Crider


Neeko creates and maintains order and efficiency throughout your engagement by using strategic priorities to organize people and their activities. She effectively leverages your existing resources and their expertise to both complement and advance BlüShift Strategy’s hypothesis-driven work streams. Additionally, the comfortable rapport Neeko quickly develops with your entire team allows her to identify unforeseen insights and pick up on potential red flags before they become problematic. Her ability to track and rationalize all the relevant details culminating from research and discussion keeps work on point, stakeholders engaged, and your priorities front and center.

With nearly 15 years of managing complex initiatives, Neeko excels at aligning diverse teams to move on coordinated paths that efficiently assess relevant opportunities and drive toward strategic solutions. Her strength in establishing structure in complicated environments stems from her initial Information Technology focus. While at Lubrizol, she streamlined cross-functional, multi-national processes as she implemented global technology solutions for content and document management. When Neeko transitioned to management consulting, she developed strengths in comprehensive market research, analytical problem-solving, and high-level client management. She designed and executed primary and secondary research plans, coordinated work streams by managing teams of analysts, contractors and client partners, and developed, distilled, and presented strategic recommendations to clients. The breadth of her consulting work includes all aspects of Go-to-market Strategies and Business Process Improvement. Her industry experience spans Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Energy, and Professional Services.

Neeko’s approachable demeanor and solutions-focused approach make her a natural project manager. She runs engagements transparently so BlüShift Strategy and clients are consistently aligned regarding schedules, priorities, and expectations. Through this open approach, Neeko consistently elevates and expedites the strategic exploration and discovery process.

Neeko holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree (Information Technology).