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Bob Aber

Bob Aber


Bob’s understanding of sales, marketing, operations, and customer management stems from over 15 years of client service, in-house, and business advisory experience. Guided by an organization’s strategic goals, he assesses the established structures and systems and collaborates with in-house experts, as well those from his vast network, to identify opportunities to improve how people work independently, collaborate, and engage with one another for maximum impact.

Throughout his career, Bob has consistently focused on understanding the relationships among company, customers, and competitors to drive the design and execution of sales, marketing, and operational strategies. His approach has aided clients and employers to diversify revenue streams across products and markets, expand and deepen customer relationships, and re-structure scalable staffing models. Bob has first-hand experience advising clients, leading, and working from within to transform operations, brand identities, sales and marketing strategies that position organizations for sustainable growth, profitability, and resounding success.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Economics) from The Ohio State University, was a member of the 2008 class of Cleveland Bridge Builders, and was a 2010 American Marshall Memorial Fellow.